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Legal-Ease International Inc, the World Leader in Legal English® has developed an online course for the working professional. Now you can “attend” a course at anytime from anywhere. Legal-Ease International’s online course enables student centered teaching, is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and allows for individualized instruction and mastery.

The Seminar Focuses on the terminology and vocabulary lawyers, translators and students need in their daily working practice. This is a course in Legal terminology, translation, not law.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be certified in “Legal English” and will be ready for the challenges of a global legal industry. All courses are taught by United States attorneys.

Thousands of interpreters, attorneys, paralegals, and support staff have successfully completed the Legal-Ease International training worldwide. Over the course of a year, for less than two dollars a day, you can make yourself a valuable asset for any perspective client. Sign Up For our online course TODAY!

Learning is not just for the classroom anymore. Our clients can work from home, the office, phone…and master Legal English at their convenience

* All sales are final. There are no refunds. An overview of the course objectives is provided. Be sure to read the course objectives information before you sign up for the course. *

"This is a great way to take Legal English. I found the attention to be very useful and the response by the lawyers very fast. I learned a lot, and was able to do it at my own schedule. Thank you for everything, and I love the diploma."

Helena Erlingsdottir Jonsson and Hall Law Firm Reykjavik, Iceland

"Dear Legal-ease International, I have just received my diploma. I'm so happy about it. I loved studying Legal English online, it was so convenient and fun. Many thanks for all the help."

Coral Shedid Translator Mexico City

"Thanks a lot! I am so happy with the online course! I think it's a great and convenient way to study and I will recommend it to all my colleagues. I also appreciated all the support. Of course I have learned a lot of new terms. I am surprised how much I learned. Last week a had a meeting with one of my clients and when he told me that he has a S corporation in USA, I understood with certainty what he was talking about. You are a great team and I greatly appreciate the patience and understanding that your team provided to me. Thanks a lot!"

Erick A. Quintero G. Attorney at Law David, Panama