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“I want to make sure that I do everything on my part for your class so that future students of UA can be a part of your wonderful class. I did get the Certificate laminated, it looks awesome. Thank you once again.”
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Sanghamitra Mukherjee
LLM Candidate
“Este curso tiene muchas ventajas, la primera es que vas desarrollando tus ejercicios a tu paso, sin nadie que te presione. Por tus respuestas recibes retroalimentacin y si tienes dudas acerca de alguna otra palabra siempre vas a recibir ayuda.”
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Maria Guadalupe Davila Tavira
Legal Translator
“I have learned so much studying this way, I could see the progress every day and work at my own pace. I loved learning this way, thank you. I feel more confident writing my translations in the legal area now.”
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Guadalupe Davila
“indispensvel, no actual estgio de globalizao, que o profissional do direito tnha domnio do ingls jurdico da Legal-Ease International proporciona, utilizando materiais excepcionais de internet que facilitam o aprendizado.”
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Lilla, Huck, Malheiros, Otranto, Ribeiro, Camargo E Messina Advogados
Sao Paulo
“This is a great way to take Legal English. I found the attention to be very useful and the response by the lawyers very fast. I learned a lot, and was able to do it at my own schedule. Thank you for everything, and I love the diploma.”
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Helena Erlingsdttir Jonsson and Hall Law Firm
“Thank you, for the new found knowledge I have of Legal English. I know this will help me throughout my career. Regarding my diploma, I love it because is the result of my effort. I am very pleased with your help, it was excellent. I am very pleased with your help and this has been a great experience for me. I appreciate your dedication because I can see my improvement in legal matters.”
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Ernesto Usma
“I am really enjoying learning Legal English this way, it is a great program and very convenient.”
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Nathalie Coupet
Miami, Florida
“Thanks a lot! I am so happy with the online course! I think it’s a great and convenient way to study and I will recommend it to all my colleagues. I also appreciated all the support. Of course I have learned a lot of new terms. I am surprised how much I learned. Last week a had a meeting with one of my clients and when he told me that he has a S corporation in USA, I understood with certainty what he was talking about. You are a great team and I greatly appreciate the patience and understanding that your team provided to me. Thanks a lot!”
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Erick A. Quintero G.
Attorney at Law David
“Dear Legal-ease International, I have just received my diploma. I’m so happy about it. I loved studying Legal English online, it was so convenient and fun. Many thanks for all the help.”
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Coral Shedid
Mexico City