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” Guided under the expert eye of Dena Falken, a native English Speaker and Legal English international recognized instructor the Legal-Ease International Seminar in a fast paced program that challenges knowledge, experience, straight to the point, with examples and practical cases that we recognized in the daily work of our partners and associates. The seminar we attended enriched not only our vocabulary and comprehension of legal text but allows us to work and improve it
Mediation Introducing Dena Falken In addition to our Legal-Ease International services I am now proud to offer mediation services to help individuals and parties resolve disputes and find mutually beneficial solutions. As a neutral and impartial third-party facilitator, I provide a safe and respectful environment for constructive communication. My mediation approach focuses on active listening, empathy, and creative problem-solving to guide parties towards a fair and satisfactory resolution. Whether you’re dealing with workplace conflicts, family
Dena Falken Transforming Legal Vocabulary Learning At Legal Ease International Interviewer: Good day, everyone. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Dena Falken, the founder of Legal Ease International. Legal Ease International specializes in teaching students legal vocabulary. Welcome, Dena. Could you start by telling us what inspired you to establish Legal Ease International? Dena Falken: Thank you for having me. The inspiration behind Legal Ease International came from recognizing the gap in understanding
  Mastering Legal Language: Unlocking Success with Legal-Ease International   Navigating through the legal language is paramount in this fast-paced environment. There is one unconventional institution that offers legal education to foreign lawyers seeking excellence in their profession. Enter Legal Ease International – an organization that specializes in legal language, making it a necessity for any lawyer aiming to be excellent in life and career.   The Essence of Legal-Ease International: Legal-Ease International is unconventional
I am delighted to recommend Dena Falken, an exceptional legal professional, educator and entrepreneur I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Dena is a rare talent who combines deep expertise in international law, multilingual capabilities, and innovative vision to create impactful solutions for the legal community. During her accomplished career, Dena has assisted attorneys and law students in Italy and beyond with her keen understanding of precise legal terminology and translating complex legal concepts across
  Bridging the Gap: Dena Falken’s Innovative Approach to Legal English   Pioneering Legal Education Through Language   Dena Falken a distinguished entrepreneur and educator, is at the forefront of revolutionizing legal education with her unique focus on Legal English. As the founder of Legal-Ease International, her vision transcends the traditional boundaries of law education by concentrating on the language of the law rather than its practice. This innovative approach addresses a critical need in
     Legal-Ease International: Pioneering Excellence in Legal English  Introduction to Legal-Ease International Legal-Ease International has emerged as the global frontrunner in the field of Legal English, marking a significant stride in legal education and practice. This achievement is a reflection of the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its innovative approach to teaching Legal English. Meeting the Global Legal Challenge In today’s globalized legal landscape, the proficiency in Legal English has transcended from being

Letter to Mexico Dena Falken President and Founder Legal-Ease International, Law degree JD, /Seminars/Entrepreneur/ Speaker/Education, Learn, Language, Multilingual Legal Translator, 73 articles October 29, 2023 Why do I love Mexico?  Dear Mexico,  I have basked in your oceans, wandered your colonial streets and spoken with friends and clients. I have started a business there.I have eaten your delicious food and ice-cold Sangria in the shadow of your forests and swam deep beneath the surface of