Legal-Ease International/ Dena Falken Testimonials

I am delighted to recommend Dena Falken, an exceptional legal professional, educator and entrepreneur I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Dena is a rare talent who combines deep expertise in international law, multilingual capabilities, and innovative vision to create impactful solutions for the legal community.

During her accomplished career, Dena has assisted attorneys and law students in Italy and beyond with her keen understanding of precise legal terminology and translating complex legal concepts across cultures. She has also taught courses on international law, legal English, and legal translation at prestigious universities and institutions.

Dena recognized a strong market need for enhanced legal English education and training. She boldly founded Legal-Ease International to fill this gap. Her startup now leads the industry in providing seminars, software, resources and more to legal professionals worldwide. Her focus on practical training helps attorneys apply her teachings in the real world.

Dena is a sought-after voice on legal language education, frequently publishing and presenting internationally. She is also the author of several books.

Through her startup Legal-Ease International, Dena has trained thousands of students, attorneys and judges globally. She continues to expand her company’s reach and impact by developing new products and services, such as Legal-Ease Online, a platform that offers interactive courses and exercises on legal English.

Dena is a remarkable person who inspires others with her passion, dedication, and creativity. She is an asset to any organization or network that values excellence, innovation, and diversity. I highly recommend connecting with Dena Falken and learning from her expertise and experience.

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