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Dr. Schratzlseer

Dsseldorf, Germany
“I received the Legal-Ease Forms 3.2 (English Version) Software one or two days before I had to travel to Abu Dhabi to settle a joint venture agreement. Your forms were very helpful in this case.”


Tian Baicheng

Hui Cheng Law Office

“I received the Federal Express with the Legal-Ease Software, and found the software is very helpful. It saves me time and enables to use Legal English in the correct way. The Dictionary is also great. I use them both, all the time. Thank you!”


Haakon S. Walvik

Feiring, Norway
“I find your Legal-Ease Forms 3.2 Software to be very useful, especially on my business trips. When I travel, it is like I have a Law library of forms with me at all times.”