Trademark Letter

Re: Trademark Infringement

Dear _______:
Please be advised that this firm represents __, an Italian corporation based in Milan, Italy. It has come to our attention that your restaurant,___ infringes on _________United States federal trademark registration ______________ , a copy of the certificate of registration is enclosed for your information. In addition, your restaurant’s menu and physical appearance copies our client’s distinctive trade dress.

Please understand that has developed an international reputation for its restaurant services and vigorously enforces its rights to its trademark, trade dress and it’s goodwill. Accordingly. we hereby demand that your company, its agents, servants and employees immediately cease and desist from any and all further use of the name _, or any name that is confusingly similar to my clients name. Furthermore, we demand that you discontinue your infringement of our client’s trade dress.

We further demand that you promptly provide this office with satisfactory evidence that these remedial actions have been taken, and that you advise this office within ten (10) calendar days from the date of this letter as to the status of these remedial actions.

If this response is not forthcoming, our client will be left with no alternative but to vigorously pursue any and all remedies available to it in law and in equity, including, without limitation, injunctive relief, actual and punitive damages and payment of costs and attorneys’ fees incurred by our client. We trust that you will act promptly to resolve these matters and thereby eliminate the need to pursue these remedies. Pleases contact, or direct your attorneys to contact, the undersigned as soon as possible to discuss this situation.

We expect to hear from you presently.

Very truly yours,