Online Programs

Each year more law schools are planning to offer online Program for master of laws.

Schools are also embracing the online Program for master of laws because technology makes it possible for students to interact through their computers. More than a handful of other law schools already offer similar programs. The online LLM programs offer the advantage of not having to spend time away from home and work.

These are great for the convenience of working students, including weekend classes. Outside of class, you can participate in online Programs, Online discussion forums and conduct research in Lexis and Westlaw, the two premier online legal research databases.

“With the e-learning technologies that are now available, online legal education goes far beyond the traditional correspondence model, where students and professors have little interaction. Florida Coastal’s LL.M. program conducts live classes in a videoconferencing platform, and our students from around the world enjoy interacting with U.S. law professors. We do everything online: classes, reading materials, exams. By offering our courses online, we’re able to offer a U.S. legal education to working attorneys who might not otherwise have that opportunity.”

-LL.M. Program Director
Aron Mujumdar