Attn: Hospitality Industry Human Resource Managers and Employees......Make 2010 your BEST YEAR EVER!

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The global economy has brought about huge changes in the hospitality industry. A record number of people are traveling to popular destinations and are spending more of their disposable income on travel. Consequently, many industry professionals have been challenged with ensuring that each guest feels “special” throughout their stay.hospitality Hospitality Description Hospitality employees often do not have the necessary Hospitality-English language skills to properly service a guests request, and may even cause the guest further frustration. A simple request for an extra towel can become a major issue, if the the hospitality employee is not properly versed in Hospitality-English. Legal-Ease International is pleased to offer the 2007 edition of Hospitality-English. This comprehensive training program was designed to assist the Spanish speaking hospitality employee or human resources manager to properly train and maintain Hospitality-English language skills in their organization. Legal-Ease International, has been a leader for the past 15 years and has trained thousands of legal professionals world wide. Improved Hospitality-English skills will ensure that each guest has the best possible experience while visiting your establishment. Increase your profits, reduce client frustration, and enable your employees to improve their ability to service your clients. Order your copy of Hospitality-English today!