why legal 2 GUIDE TO LEGAL ENGLISH By Dena Falken Legal-Ease International

GUIDE TO LEGAL ENGLISH By Dena Falken Legal-Ease International

Proficiency in legal terms and terminologies is very important for legal professionals irrespective of their state or country, native English speakers or non-native speakers, the increase in Legal English is due to globalization and international business. It is one of the many forms of English that is used in law. In other words, it’s a technical language specially originated as a language for legal professions such as judges, lawyers, legal assistants, and attorneys. Legal English is not a native language for these professionals. Therefore, it is compulsory to learn this language from a technical context to stand out from the crows and perform well in the field of law.

Learning legal terms is important for your career if you are studying law regardless of the country. One of the principle reasons is due to the rise in globalization and international startup businesses since a lot of people study from one country to another and implement their theory by moving to another country. You must be able to communicate well while interacting with others.

The law profession has a very distinct language that anyone needs to master if they’re going to make it in the field. Particularly when you consider that this type of English is used internationally. Learning English alone isn’t enough — this is a very specific language and international law firms expect their lawyers to have a clear grasp of the specialist vocabulary required for legal matters. It’s vital that the correct words are used in the right context and that all parties understand the meaning of the document presented to them and that means anyone dealing with drafting or contract needs to have a thorough grasp of this style of English unless they want to be responsible for costly errors.

Being proficient in Legal English often forms a huge part of law firms’ recruitment processes and that means the importance of learning legal English can never be underestimated. Failure to have a thorough grasp of the law vocabulary and you simply won’t be able to progress in the field of law, so make sure you’re familiar with such complex terminology or undertake necessary training like Legal Ease International and you’ll be able to mark in the international arena without a thing holding you back. Legal Ease International is an online platform that teaches you Legal English from scratch with very well-experienced instructors.

When you enter the international industry as a corporate qualified lawyer, you will come across various clients in the country you shifted to, you will have to use all the legal terminologies that other lawyers use in that region. For example, if you studied in the United Kingdom and want to practice in the United States, you will most likely interact with US attorneys. To talk to them regarding legal matters, you must adapt their legal language. Dena Falken is the key presenter with a Law Degree and years of experience. Visit www.legalenglish.com