Dena Falken, CEO of Legal-Ease International, inspiring women

New image2 Dena Falken, CEO of Legal-Ease International, inspiring women

Dena Falken, CEO of Legal-Ease International Inc., is an inspiring woman who is not afraid to tackle new challenges. As a former law school student,she understands the nuances of the legal teaching, having taken so many courses herself.

Ms Falken focuses on helping people master the language of the law, particularly for translators. Through her diverse professional background, she has built a business that serves the legal community in over 50 countries. The business is called, Legal-Ease International.

This company is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their legal skills. The company offers both online and live legal training seminars. The Online Seminar offers individualized instruction and it available twenty-four hours a day. The course focuses on the most important aspects of legal terminology which is the Language of the law, not the law itself. Legal-Ease International provides a wide array of resources and advantages.

You can also attend a Legal-Ease International seminar to meet with attorneys and other professionals in your field. This company is an essential resource for those who need assistance with translating and writing documents. Not a Seminar on law but the Language of the Law and the nuances one must learn in translating correctly.

Legal-Ease International Inc. is a leading global provider of legal training. Their innovative platform makes the Language of the Law easier to use ain your legal documents.

Dena Falken, CEO of Legal-Ease International Inc
Dena Falken, CEO of Legal-Ease International Inc

The company also offers a wide variety of great attorneys, and provides a convenient and easy way to connect with a local attorney through the online Directory of Professionals at

Among the services offered by Legal-Ease International include its online legal English Dictionary, a free blog with legal articles written by experts, and online training software. These services are essential for improving your language skills, and the company’s Legal English software provides ongoing updates on legal news and topics. If you want to learn more about the language of law, you can visit the company’s website and get more information.

The company offers two types of online training: Live seminars and online seminars. The Live seminars are held in classrooms while the online seminar is accessible around the clock. The program allows students to benefit from personalized instruction and enables them to study at their own pace. The website also features regular updates on legal news. While Legal-Ease International has a reputation for being a world leader in the field of Legal English, it is not just a company that provides software for translators.

The company provides various online courses. The online courses are fun and effective, and the instructors are experienced. The software is available on the site for free. The live seminars are offered in English and Spanish. The live seminars are geared towards a broad audience. There are also a variety of online courses for lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals in the legal field. The company strives to provide the best in terms of service and content.

Legal-Ease International, founded by Dena Falken, is the Leader in Legal English. Simply the best way to master this important topic.