World leader in “Legal English” announces comprehensive networking directory for legal professionals

World leader in “Legal English” announces comprehensive networking directory for legal professionals

Legal Ease Logo Registered mark World leader in "Legal English" announces comprehensive networking directory for legal professionals

Legal-Ease International, a world leader in Legal English training and education, has announced the launch of its exclusive directory for Legal English professionals worldwide.


The directory, which you can find on its website, focuses on the continuity of its core Legal English seminars, giving students and legal professionals direct access to an exclusive and targeted list of legal professionals worldwide that specialize in Legal English.


Whether you are an attorney, business consultant, notary, or any other legal field professional, you can take full advantage of the breadth and scope of various professionals worldwide that the Legal-Ease team has vetted as competent legal professionals with mastery in Legal English.


While the directory is an information-rich resource for those seeking legal professionals in various specializations, firms and individuals can also benefit from the global reach of Legal-Ease international by submitting their information to the directory. All submissions to the directory must pay a nominal annual fee and exhibit a comprehensive grasp of Legal English to have their submissions approved.


“It’s really about expanding the networking resources for our students and legal professionals in different parts of the world. For example, an attorney in the US may need a vetted and competent translator in Costa Rica. While they can certainly find someone online, there is no true guarantee that the translator has an extensive grasp of Legal English and all the intricacies it entails,” states Dena Falken, Founder of Legal-Ease international.


At the end of the day, the directory offers something more valuable than a simple information resource, and that is trust. Clients and professionals are assured that all members within the directory are qualified Legal English professionals, and that is something that is not always transparent through a web search.


Access to the directory and information on listings can be found on the company’s website at